Invest as Buffett

Invest as Buffett

Invest as Buffett. Invest as Soros. Get rich in just a week. Recurring titles of books and lectures, absolutely empty. How do you make $2 million? It’s easy to beat the market. lies to naïve. The Tocomocho Wall Street version. Trileros with a tie.

In the end they get one to think that financial markets are a game. If this is like a casino! Yes, it is. But in this casino without neon lights, VIPS win the bank. At the expense of those who think it’s a casino.

It is the only casino in the world where we can put the probability in our favor, and we decided that statistics are not necessary. Why think that the probability of a dice coming out a 1 or a 2 or a 3 or a 4 is 4/6? The probability at the end is of the ½: to leave or not to leave. If the end is 50% of the time. True, but success is not equal to profit. Exactly like failure is not equal to loss… unless you continue to think that this is a casino, in that case success and failure is equal to loss. And profit for the bank? Of course. And for the VLP.

Yes, invest like Buffett. Learn to invest like Peter Lynch. Like Jim Rogers. Follow the extraordinary phrases he gave (but that did not follow) Livermore. Follow the popups as Mobius. But don’t forget that your account must be like theirs.
Yes. Invest as Kostolany. So when you don’t get the results you expect, you can blame someone else: “I lose 70% of my wallet, but I invest as Garcia Paramés.” Igualito.

And if you’re not able to invest like another, don’t worry. Follow that analyst. I follow this one. I follow that radio, which makes me very funny. Me to that blog so technical. I follow the one who comes out on TV screaming and gesturing. “I’m still.” Simple present to follow: go after or behind someone. Do we really think that in the markets we can go after someone? The one who arrives first stays the ball. And the last one loses his and all his companions. That need to compare analysts with soothsayers! So when you don’t get the results you expect, you can blame someone else. If he said he had a strong purchase. It’s clear that the fifth wave must be bullish.

Do courses. But not of universities, or of institutions or reliable traders. What do they know? Go to courses of those people who say they have been operating for a lifetime, but no one has ever seen them put an operation. Those people who will open your mind in the course and tell you that there are two schools of analysis, five points in Dow’s theory and that the trend is your friend. Those people who continue to play the soothsayers saying that the indexes will be in this level tomorrow, but that of risk, little speaks. So when you don’t get the results you expect, you can blame someone else.

Read books. But of course those who teach you to invest as another. Not having your own ideas favors VIP. Believing he has them, he favors him even more.

If you admit an idea (not advice, advice is always worth money): If you think so, invest as Malkiel. The market is not efficient, but for you, with those ideas, it is. It will be happier to index, sleep better and if the market does wrong: Well, bad of many.

But if you admit a council, and for this no charge, do yourself and your account a favor: Invest as yourself. Learn from the big ones, but don’t pretend to be like them. Who knows? It could be even better. Read books, read reports, go to courses, listen to analysts, but don’t lose the critical spirit, keep the doubt as part of your method. Never believe the smartest, but be clear that it is not the fool. Don’t want to be like everyone else and enjoy yourself. Be dropped well, in the end you will have to be with yourself all your life, and it is not worth being unhappy about material things: there is no time.

Don’t worry about the game: enjoy it.

The opinions, tips, ideas, etc you read on this blog, are just opinions. Specifically the personal opinions of Javier and Tomás, not those of any entity.

No post of this blog takes into account your personal circumstances and nothing in this blog can not be considered as advice of any kind. You should not consider it as an offer or invitation to buy or sell any financial instrument. Investing in markets is not a game. Every day you win and you lose a lot of money and there are so many factors that can influence the ratings that it is impossible to predict your movements safely.

We could have exposure either personal or through any of the products we manage in the entities for which we work, in some of the assets discussed in the blog.

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