Is Criptomoneda Ethereum as influential as Apple?

Is Criptomoneda Ethereum as influential as Apple?

Lovers of the world of Criptomonedas have been able to see how in recent years there are several proposals that manage to succeed among all types of investors. Although Bitcoin remains the clear reference, since it has become the dominant Criptomoneda in all aspects, there are others that are advancing more and more in the market.

The best example is Ethereum, which has gradually conquered more investors and gaining relevance in the market to the point of being the goal of big names that see in it the ability to permanently plant battle to the leader of the sector.

The latest of the latest are statements by Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, who has come to compare the Criptomoneda with the company that cofounded and is currently one of the leading entities in the technology market.

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When someone compares Apple with something, those responsible for that “something” can feel very proud. This is an absolute truth that has no discussion whatsoever.

Therefore, it is important to appreciate that Steve Wozniak has compared Ethereum with his classic company, which has become one of the most relevant brands in the technology industry.

Steve Wozniak’s involvement with the Ethereum

It says “The Woz”, affectionate nickname that receives this guru of technology, it and the new tendencies, that we have to pay a lot of attention to the progression of the Ethereum due to the good path that is traversing.

His most decisive phrase in this sense has been “in the long run Ethereum can become such an influential organism as Apple is today.” That’s huge. How many companies today would like to be as influential as Apple? How many of them really are?

These are questions that we have to ask to verify the greatness of the statement made by Wozniak, which has no problem in proving that for him the criptomonedas represent one of the pillars of the economic future of society.

Recently Wozniak also spoke of Bitcoin and how it believes it will become the definitive Criptomoneda and market leader in 10 years. He mentioned that it would be the economic system that would use the world in global terms and that no one should miss the opportunity to get on the bandwagon of this criptomoneda as soon as possible.

We see him convinced as a professional of the medium, an entrepreneur who knows very well where the money and the opportunities of success.

About Ethereum He has also made other statements taking advantage of his appearance at the WeAreDevelopers technology conference held in Vienna.

At that time he has been enthusiastic and excited by the progress of the Ethereum, which although it does not reach the popularity of the Bitcoin yes it is progressing very solidly to occupy a second position of great success.

Says Wozniak about this Criptomoneda “Ethereum interests me because it can do things and because it is a good platform.”

For the guru who cofounded Apple at a time when computer companies were betting on a philosophy of work very different from that offered by the company of the Apple, it is important to invest and rely on transparent and flexible platforms like the one that represents Ethereum in the Criptomonedas.

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