The profile of a visionary

The profile of a visionary

As we said, technological visionaries are the names that are most likely to change everything to the world of Criptomonedas. It just takes a little trust, a little investment and exploring the market for opportunities.

Steve Wozniak was interested in the Criptomonedas when in the year 2009 began to appear in the financial sector (source: Criptomonedasvigilante) and explored different options to see what was what he could get from them. At the time, he invested in both Bitcoin and Ethereum and obtained a very satisfactory profit and revenue margin.

Emergence of the Criptomonedas in the year 2009

In that margin of time between the purchase of his first Criptomonedas and when he analyzed well his life and his profile in the market, the gains of Wozniak with the value of the investment he had made was substantial.

He raised himself very seriously if he wanted to devote himself to investing in Criptomonedas, but he has never been a financial sector man, but an expert in trends and technology. So he made the decision to take advantage of the profit margin he had obtained during the time when his criptomonedas had been macerándose and planted, once the sector was understood, to take a passive role.

Now the Woz has a very small participation in the world of Criptomonedas that allows it to continue exploring and having a presence in the market. Thus, Wozniak has stayed with a Bitcoin that he believes will use in conducting other tests on purchases and use of services.

The Apple co-founder is interested in continuing to have a stake in the world of Criptomonedas to continue interacting with him and to see how he is improving. For example, if Wozniak has a BTC can continue to test all types of businesses and different industries to see if they have already turned to the acceptance of Bitcoin as a method of payment available among their proposals.

That’s what Woz likes, to check the progression and the way the world is expanding in the use of the Criptomonedas.

Ethereum Wozniak not only has been a criptomoneda, but a total of two. The reasons are the same as with the Bitcoin you have decided to save. If you have stayed a greater amount of Ethereum is because you believe that the Criptomoneda is still growing and that is still behind his great rival, so the path he has to travel is superior.

But whoever believes that the participation of this technological guru in the Criptomonedas is over is because he does not really see what his intentions are. Intentions that, on the other hand, many other experts also have and that they will make a role of guidance and constant support so that the criptomonedas can come to shine as much as is expected of them.

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